Thursday, August 26, 2010

3 Things Thursday

1.  I love running again!!!  I am really liking the interval runs I've been doing on Wednesdays.  They make me feel strong and powerful.  I am amazed each time by the fact that I finished them! haha!  I really enjoyed my long slow run this past Saturday.  My Garmin died 2 minutes in though so I didn't have anything to tell me my pace or time.  I think I did almost 6 miles in about 1 hour and 5 or 10 minutes.  My other two runs of the week have been faster and easier (for the most part).  I'm really glad I decided to add these two elements into my running because it has given me something to look forward to each week and some almost immediate results as well.

2.  I don't love running with the jogging stroller so much.  I have been in denial about this since I bought the damn thing.  It is of course better than not running at all, or running in the 100 degree heat later in the day.  It is hard to push that thing!  Maggs is only 23 or 24 pounds, but still its hard.  I run in a pretty flat area when I have her with me, but it's still hard.  Maggie loves it though!  She sings songs, points out every bird and flower on the way by and is happy the whole time.  It is still hard though! Luckily I only have to do it on half my runs.  Dave is home on Saturdays and my dad watches her on most wednesdays when I do those intervals.  I think he would watch her on Mondays and Thursdays too, but I don't want to ask him that much.

3.  My brother and sister-in-law do something they call "Fat Kid Sundays" where they eat a whole bunch of junk just because it's Sunday.  It's usually also because they are hung over and those kinds of not so good for you foods are oh so good for hang overs.  Dave and I had "Rich Kid Monday" this past Monday.  Unfortunately, we aren't really rich, but we bought a new computer and a Wii.  I got my Mac Book that I've wanted forever and Dave wanted a Playstation 3, but I convinced him to get the Wii instead.  They are both awesome and we are having tons of fun with them.  So "Rich Kin Monday" was followed by poor idiot Tuesday, but oh well.  If you can't indulge every once in awhile what's the point? You can't take it with you right?


  1. I want a Rich Kid day! But you know, I could go for a Fat Kid Sunday any day, too!

  2. Hurray for liking running again!

    By the way, stop by my blog when you get the chance...there's an award with your name on it!