Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Doing a little biking

Dave and I have decided to add biking into our workouts.  I knew I needed to do something besides just running but I let my Y membership go because Maggie wasn't happy in the KidZone anymore and it was silly to keep it since I was only there 15 min before they had to come get me.  After hanging out with my aunt and uncle at the lake the weekend before last we decided that biking would be a good thing to add in. 

I have no desire to do a triathlon, but Dave thinks that he might want to do one.  We have a craptastic bike that we bought at Farm and Fleet several years ago.  It was the cheapest one they had.  I need to get some kind of seat cover because yowsa does my bootie hurt after riding just a few minutes!  Dave decided he wanted to buy a new bike this week.  I told him he needed to actually ride the bike for awhile before we went and spent more money (that we don't have) on a new one.  When we bought the craptastic bike he really really wanted a bike.  He rode it all of twice in the next 3 years.  Nice, so he needs to actually want it this time!  Silly boy!

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