Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Battle this Morning

I had a battle with myself this morning. 

Monday I ran with Dave and Maggie and Dave and I took turns pushing the stroller.  I felt like I was running faster than normal but after 2 stops for traffic and 1 stop for a dog who was chasing us my average pace was lower than I thought. 

This morning I went out solo with Maggie in the stroller.  It was beautiful outside this morning, in the 60's and sunny.  After weeks of ridiculous heat and humidity this was awesome!!!  I started out faster than normal and was around a 10:30 mile.  I told myself to try to keep it up for the first 10 minutes and then I could slow down. 

When I got to 10 minutes the battle began.  I felt pretty good, but could feel myself breathing harder than I usually do.  One half of my brain was saying, "Heck yeah slow down down"  the other half was saying, "Heck no you feel fine keep pushing it"  The pushing it side won.  I kept going and told the slow down side that I would slow down after another 10 minutes and to shut up.  I won't bore you with the rest, but the slow down side did not shut up, but the keep pushing side ended up winning and I ended up running 3.25 miles with a 10:50 min/mile average pace.  I usually run right around 11:10 min/mile average so this was 20 seconds per mile faster.  Not too shabby.

I know that's still super slow compared to most people on the planet, but it's what I've got!  Speaking of what I've got, I just happened to be messing around on my Nike plus website and noticed that my average pace has gotten slower since I started running.  WTH?  Why would it get slower?  The only thing that I can guess would be the weather.  I definitely do better (in general) in the cold than the hot.  It has been super hot and humid for awhile now so hopefully that's it. 

We are headed to the lake for the weekend!  I hope everyone has a wonderful 4th!!!


  1. you are awesome.

    Pushing the stroller would have to impact your times. and without a doubt the WEATHER!!!

    Enjoy the lake!!!!

  2. It's definitely the heat!!! I started running last summer, was gaining speed through the winter, and now I'm running slower again--but still not as slow as last summer. I can't wait until it cools off to see how much faster I've gotten under cooler conditions!