Thursday, June 17, 2010

Morning Run

I am not a morning person.  At. All.  I would rather sleep until noon and be up until 4am.  Of course I haven't done that in about 17 months (since I had Maggie) but it's what I did all through my college years and a few years after when I was working mostly 3pm-1am in the restaurant.  Our normal routine in the morning is to get Maggie up and change her diaper and then give her a sippy cup of milk and take her back into my bed and put on Sesame Street so I can wake up slowly.  The mornings are getting better and I don't mind them quite so much lately.  This morning instead of watching the whole episode of Sesame Street I decided to get up and get dressed to go run.  It was supposed to be in the 80's and 98% humidity with only a 2 mph wind by lunch time.  I usually run out to the park for Dave's softball game on Thursday and my mom brings Maggie out, but we are leaving for the lake early tomorrow morning so I don't know if she's planning on going to the game and it was going to be stupid hot by then. 

The jogging stroller isn't my favorite thing in the whole world to run with, but Maggie loves it.  Usually when we push her it's because Dave and I are running together and we take turns pushing her.   I was a little worried because she hadn't eaten breakfast yet, but she's usually up for a hour or so before she eats.  I started out pretty slow because I didn't want to burn myself out too quickly.  The stroller always throws my stride off a bit and it is hard for me to push it with my left hand.  It feels really awkward which means I spend most of the time pushing it with my right and then my shoulder starts to get tight.  Anyway, I decided not to worry about my pace and just run for 30 min or a little longer. 

Maggie was pointing at all the birds and dogs that we saw.  When we were running west she was waving at our shadows.  We ended up running for 40 minutes and 3.6 miles with an 11:07 pace.  I felt like I was running faster than that but it must've been because I was pushing the stroller.  Maggie did great, she was happy the whole time so that was good.  And now that I've already run today I can go to the softball games in normal clothes and people won't have to look at me in my short shorts ::shudder::

We are headed up to the lake tomorrow morning.  Just my mom and dad and Maggie and I are going, and my grandparents are going to be there.  Dave is doing the Warrior Dash on Saturday so he suggested we go.  We will come back Saturday evening so we can spend Father's Day together.  I am looking forward to running there on Saturday.  I have had my best runs there because it is so pretty.  Yay!!! 

Have a good weekend everyone!!  Happy Running!!


  1. Running with a stroller? You are amazing. Always so impressed when I see runners pushing strollers.

    Way to go!

  2. yea running with a stroller is a challenge but my daughter loves it and it makes me really appreciate runs I go on alone. :) Have a great time at the lake. :)

  3. In my first year of running I pushed a stroller on 3 of 4 runs per week. It was the only way I could get it done. You'll be stronger for it! Great job!

  4. I love running with Austin in the stroller. It's like a running partner that doesn't care if you slow down, haha. Good for you for getting out and running early.