Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Haven't Run

I haven't run since my bad race on Saturday.  I am bound and determined to today though.  Yesterday I was planning on going, but Dave got home late so by the time he was done running and was back it was time for dinner and then it was too late.

On a good note, Maggie and I are headed to the lake this weekend I think.  Dave is running in the Warrior Dash in Joliet on Saturday so I'm going to go up to the lake with my mom and dad and my grandparents will be there.  I think we'll leave on Thursday night and stay until Saturday night then we'll come home and have father's day at home. 

Since it's almost father's day here's a couple pictures of Maggie and Dave this year and last year.  It's amazing how much they have both  changed!

This one is when she was only a couple weeks old.

This is them last night.   Aren't they so cute?!?!?