Monday, May 24, 2010

H.O.T. Hot!

Gotta love the midwest!  It went from 50 last week to 90* and 98% humidity this week.  Geez leweez!

Yesterday was my first really hot run.  I only started running last September and did the first month or so on the treadmill.  I HATE the heat.  I would prefer 30* to 90* any day of the week!  I don't want to get up at 5am either.  My husband gets up with Maggie most weekends and so I get to sleep in.  Since I am not a morning person at all I look forward to these days all week. 

I decided to get up at 9 and go running then.  I looked at my iPod touch weather app and it was already 75* yuck!  I decided to drive into town so I could run where there was more shade.  I usually run in a newer subdivision so there are no big trees.  I brought my Nathan handheld water bottle for the first time as well.  Dave ran with it on Saturday and said that it wasn't too bad to carry. 

I wanted to run 5 miles with my consolation prize being 4 miles.  I ran 4 miles on Thursday, but I hadn't run more than 4 in a few weeks.  I set my Nike + to 45 min and took off.  It was HOT immediately but I was ok.  I decided to just go slow and not push myself too hard if I started getting over heated.  I used to play softball and in the summer I would pitch 3-4 games in one day when it was 90* out, but it had been a LLLOOONNNGGG time since then, but I thought I would be able to tell when I was just uncomfortable and when I needed to stop.

The water was definitely needed, and I poured some on my head a time or two which helped.  My route was not as shady as I thought it would be and there were more hills than I was used to running on.  I did get to run down the street that I grew up and see my old house.  I love that house and would love to buy it someday.  I got back into downtown and was only at 3.41 miles, but it was really really hot by then.  I started to feel queasy and I decided that when I got to the end of the block I would walk for a block.  By the next block I felt worse and the car was only another block away so I decided to be done.  I got back in the car and was soaked with sweat. 

When I got home we hadn't turned the air on yet and I thought I might die!  I stretched and drank 2 more bottles of cold water and started to feel better.  I took a cool shower and felt 100%.  Then I started to feel guilty about stopping and not finishing the 4 miles.  I could've gone another 3/4 of a mile and been fine.  Oh well I guess. 

I might go to the Y to run on the dreadmill today though.  I definitely want to run today, but it's already late and the temp is almost 90* already.  Dave is out running now and has taken the day off of work so I can go to the Y without Maggie.  I hate that darn treadmill though, so we'll see. 


  1. I LOVE MY TREADMILL!!!!!!! Do 45-50 miles per week on my "ED". Love him & he'll love you back! ;) promise!

  2. I feel you. I totally, totally feel you.