Friday, May 14, 2010

Ran in my new shorts last night

The Nike Tempos.  I used some body glide on my thigh chub hopeing that would help keep them from riding up between my legs.  At first they did ride up a little, but they weren't bad and once I got going I didn't notice it at all.  The body glide worked well and I have no problem.  When I got to the park my sister-in-law said they looked cute but commented that she could never wear shorts that short.  I didn't think they were too bad, but she is way skinnier than me so I got a little worried and self conscience.  My legs are probably my best part though and she has some junk in the trunk so hopefully they weren't too bad.  Dave said they looked good so I felt better.  They were a little longer in the back than in the front and they are a tad bit tighter at the leg opening so I think that helped them stay down and to not show too much.  Over all I liked them and I think I will wear them tomorrow if it's warm enough.

Speaking of tomorrow, we are running in the Lifetime Fitness Run Wild 5k at the Brookfield Zoo.  I am sooooo excited and nervous.  I hope to run it in about 33 minutes the one I ran 3 weeks ago was a little over 34 min so I hope I can get a little faster each time.  Dave and I are running it together and then we are going to hang out at the zoo with Maggie and my parents.  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!

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