Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Running Wish List

Last week Amanda at RuntotheFinish wrote a post about the runner's toolbox.   Running is pretty simple.  All you really need is shoes, but there is lots and lots of "stuff" that can go with it.  Here is the list of stuff that I would love to have to add to my running experience.

1. Bondi Band - I have long hair, but I also have little short baby hairs all over the place.  I also have an oddly shaped head or something because every headband I have tried slips off the back of my head while I'm running.  I have found 1 by Goody that kinda works, but it's so tight that I get a headache by the end of my run.  I want a Bondi Band because it looks comfy and there are a lot of good reviews out there. Plus there are lots of cute patterns like this:  
2. Road ID - I think that Dave and I should both get these Road ID's.  We both run outside and most of the time alone.  Neither of us carry a phone or any ID.  Plus they come in cool colors!

3.  Garman GPS Watch - Now I love my Nike+ but this thing is just so freaking cool.  The forerunner 405 is the newest  one and I would love to have one.  Of course it is not in the budget, someday maybe. 

4. Arm Warmers - Ok so I think I would look ridiculous in these things!  Especially since I usually only run 3-4 miles.  But they look awesome on other people!  Haha

4. Running Skirt - I think these are super cute!  And such awesome patterns.  I don't know how my thigh chub would feel about it though.  Check them out at here

 Oh what I would do if I won the lottery!!! haha!


  1. i am hoping for a visit from the Garmin and Running Skirt Capri Skirt fairy myself. Nice list.

  2. I'm thinking I'd like to try the skirt thing ---- not sure why I'm such a "hold out"? :)

  3. i love all these things! i love anything bright and colorful! check out my giveaway on my blog, its bright and colorful!
    i want those arm sleeves, the butterfly ones, but i'm afraid to order them on line, i'm waiting to find them at an expo. as for the running skirt...too short for these legs!

  4. I have the same problem with head band type things. I've found that the non-shiny bondi bands, i.e. the ones with writing on them, seem to stay in place the best. I will probably never wear a running skirt. People who do are uber cute. I am not ;) I too would love to try arm warmers. I'm saving up for a Garmin, and save your pennies for a Road ID. That was one of the first things I bought (after a bondi band of course!!)

    Yeesh. You'd think I have opinions or something :)

  5. Hmm I have all those...starting to think I have too much stuff. Then again I got them slowly over the last 7 years!

  6. Hey Holly! If you are looking into buying any bondi bands let me know! I'm currently selling them as a TNT fundraiser they are still the same price but you save on shipping and tax and $5 goes to TNT. Email if you're interested. wannaberunnergirl@gmail.com