Saturday, May 8, 2010

To Run or Not to Run....

It's cold here today. Like really cold, in the 30's with the windchill and the wind is 20-25 MPH. I've run in colder and windier, not in a month or more though. I wanted to run 5-6 miles today. It's overcast and just cold. I might wait until tomorrow to do that longer run. Maybe I'll just run 2.5-3 today instead.

I have decided to up my running from 3x per week to 4x per week. Last week I ran 4x for a total of 15 miles. I have only run 7 miles so far this week and only 2x so to keep up with last week I need to run today and tomorrow. I guess it's settled then....short today, long tomorrow.

 I bought some running shorts yesterday. They are the Nike Tempo.
I have read many reviews and a lot of people swear by them. These are actually my second pair. I wore the first pair a few days ago and they were great except my inner thighs were a little red, but not too bad. Yes my thighs touch, I don't remember them ever not touching and I think they will still touch even if I lose 50 more pounds! So anyway, I also got some body glide and hopefully that will make the shorts wearable. Of course it's only going to be in the 40's all week here so it will be a bit before I can try them out :(

Happy Running!


  1. definitely run. Just keep the wind at your back

  2. Definitely use some BodyGlide! I put it on pretty thick. I use it on my toes, as well, for longer funs, and any other places that I may/can get chafed. Also, you should check out Running Skirts for summer, too.

    PS: Thanks for the follow at MvM! And good luck with your running!

  3. Hi Holly! So glad I stumbled across your blog. It's always nice to meet people of a similar age with similar interests. :)

    I'm relatively new to the running and blogging scenes, too. Reading other people's running blogs has been a HUGE motivator for me! Hope to see more of you in Blogworld!

  4. ohh i want to know what you think, they looked so short I was afraid of them